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American rapper/R&B artist Bryson Tiller made his third appearance in Toronto this year with a live concert on December the 6th. The singer had previously performed in town back in June with back to back shows but in late fall he would make another surprise announcement that he would again return to the city in December to play at the History concert venue. As fate would have it, this show in Toronto would be Bryson Tiller’s second last live show of 2023 – the final being a few nights later in New Haven, CT. The Louisville based rapper has spent the year touring and working on his latest project titled ‘Serenity’ which has yet to be given a release date. The most current album from the singer is 2020’s ‘Anniversary‘ that was released during the height of the covid19 lock down so he has spent some extra time touring and playing the new music live. I have personally covered a lot of concerts this year in greater Toronto area and this one was one of my favourites music wise and also one of the best stage designs I’ve seen. The backdrop was built by an array of square screens that provided multi-coloured lighting and video graphics along with video game arcade machines on the left and right sides. One of the first songs in the set list was the classic track “Sorry Not Sorry” which features the unmistakable sample from the 90’s video game Street Fighter 2 and also had live video clips from the game on all the screens around the stage. One of the more unique and interesting stage backdrop presentations I have seen at a hip-hop show. Another great performance on the night was the song “Exchange” which had the crowd reciting the lyrics along with the rapper. All of the tracks in the set list paired with the sound and lighting system produced a a tremendous vibe that infected everyone in attendance at History. Bryson Tiller has named a lot of artist as past influences such as Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne and Omarion however a lot of people will make the style comparison with the Toronto mega Star Drake. I can definitely hear the resemblance but perhaps it would explain the artist’s level of popularity in the city north of the boarder. Over the course of this live performance I think I picked up on the artist paying respect to the local star on a few different occasions. Now that the year is ending most fans are wondering what will be coming next for Bryson Tiller in 2024? As mentioned earlier the artist’s last official release was back in 2020 but some would says he is over due for some new music which is undoubtedly coming this year. Until the release date for ‘Serenity’ is made public the fans can indulge in Tiller’s current album library and also check out the photos and video featured in this article.

Enjoy the exclusive live video of Bryson Tiller performing his song “Sorry Not Sorry” that we captured from the concert in Toronto on December the 6th,2023 linked in just below. Also be sure to check out Bryson Tiller on Instagram for more photos and future updates @BrysonTiller.

Article & Photos By Kyle McNeil (@trueaspectmedia)