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Toronto based rock band Monowhales finished the year strong in December 2023 when they completed a short tour across their home province of Ontario and on December the 14th the band would play their anticipated hometown show in Toronto at The Axis Club. The band played a full set for the hometown fans including old and new songs and even a few covers. The set started with the tracks “Hear Me Out” and “RICH$$$” and would continue on for 14 more songs. At one point during the show lead singer Sally Shaar took out her light up skipping rope and jumped rope on stage for the fans to admire. Those that grew up in the 1990’s & 2000’s would recognize a few cover songs performed by Monowhales which included the British band Blur’s hit track “Song 2” and the Nine Inch Nails classic “The Hand The Feeds” which has been a mainstay in the group’s set list. The night also included a lot of crowd interaction which is quite normal at a Monowhales show but more so on this night in their home base of Toronto where naturally there would be a lot of friends and family in attendance. For the final act of the show the band would play one of their biggest songs to date “RWLYD” which received air play on Toronto radio stations such as 102.1 The Edge and more. The performance was ultimately closed off with the band’s latest song and music video “Backbone” which had Sally sporting the same boxing robe she was sporting on stage this night. The theme of the new single as well as this tour was the sport of boxing however I’m sure there is a deeper meaning to the imagery and wardrobe. The previous official album release from the group was 2022’s “Tunnel Vision” but now that 2023 came and went with out a new album I think its fair to say that a new album is in the works for release in 2024. This question was recently answered when the Monowhales announced their brand new EP titled “Who’s There To Hear Me Out?” on January 18th. The new project contains four songs including the aforementioned single “Backbone” and the newest song “Flatbread” as well as others which is available now on all major streaming platforms.

For all the fans that couldn’t make the latest concerts or for those that want to re-live the magic, we were lucky enough to record a short video clip at the Axis Club of the the song “BL/FF (Fake Friends)” so be sure to check it out via the YouTube link below. For more photos and future updates on the Monowhales you can follow them on Instagram @Monowhales.

Article By Kyle McNeil(@trueaspectmedia)