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British rock band The Darkness arrived at LA’s famous venue The Wiltern Theater on October the 6th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album Permission to Land. In celebration of the album that went four times platinum in the UK, the band would go on to play the entirety of the album to an ecstatic crowd. Starting the night off with the song ‘Black Shuck’, lead singer Justin Hawkins would fill the legendary venue with his larger than life personality and immense presence behind the microphone. Of course The Darkness is know for their sound and style reminiscent of 1970’s glam rock and a fashion sense to match it. Lead vocalist Hawkins and the band ushered in a unique time capsule from the 70’s which was powered by a vast sense of nostalgia for the release of their debut album back in 2003. The band played with great love and passion in each song and appreciated their audience for not only being their fans but for singing along to each song. As the night drew to a close, the band would finish off their set with ‘I Love You on the Rocks With No Ice’. Hawkins stripped down to his boxers at this point and would deliver a killer solo that would see him exit the stage as the venue’s security guards carried him across the pit section. As the show concluded, the audience was left enthralled with the group’s larger than life performance. The Permission To Land 20th Anniversary tour will continue through out the month of October with shows coming up in the mid west of the United States so check them out when they come to your area. Please enjoy the photo gallery just below from October the 6th at the Wiltern Theater in LA and be sure to follow The Darkness on Instagram for all future updates on the band @thedarkness.

Article & Photos By Hector Mendoza(@mendoza_photos)