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On March 21st, Toronto based singer/songwriter Cinzia & The Eclipse performed at The Café Campus in Montreal. Originally hailing from the capital city of Quebec, Cinzia returned to her hometown following a show in Ottawa the previous night. Opening the show was local artist Avery Jane, who performed songs that encapsulate the emotions of the everyday. The event also featured supporting indie band Long Range Hustle whose powerful vocals and rhythms captured the audience at Café Campus. They tossed quips back and forth between songs, laughing as they confided while they finished a song during dinner. These two artists would perfectly set the table and the tone for the main event of the night to hit the stage.
Cinzia would go on to perform a wide range of songs from her discography, including her newest single titled “Burning”. She was full of enthusiasm and easily connected with the crowd through her sentimental lyrics while singing with those in attendance passionately during her song “Runaway”. The show took place the night before her new album ‘SPRINGLAND’ dropped and this concert clearly ramped up the fans excitement for the album release. For all the Cinzia & The Eclipse that couldn’t make it  – check out the photo gallery just below from March 21st, 2024 at The Café Campus in Montreal. Don’t forget to listen to the new album from Cinzia & The Eclipse titled ‘Springland’ which is available now on all major steaming platforms. Finally, be sure to follow the singer on Instagram @CinziaAndTheEclipse for more photos and future updates.

Article & Photos By Lucia Vinson (