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Many people flocked to Niagara Falls last Monday for the total solar eclipse that had been being talked about on social media and the news. People didn’t just go to the falls for a hopefully clear and unobstructed view of the sky but also a special free concert taking place near by. Bands like The Boneheads, New Friends, JJ Wilde and The Glorious Sons were on the bill for this once in a lifetime event. People came from all over just to be in the path of totality; others weren’t so interested. Glorious Sons front-man Brett Emmons admitted during their set that he had actually slept through the eclipse. JJ Wilde would poke fun at the fact clouds covered the sky during the eclipse which would prove to be inconvenient at times for those at the falls. Thankfully, the clouds didn’t hinder the concert as the view to the stage however was crystal clear. The Boneheads kicked off the post-eclipse show with a punchy blues rock set. New Friends engaged the crowd with energetic alt-pop tunes and a cover of ‘Let It Ride’ among many originals.

JJ Wilde stepped up to the stage in a Canadian tuxedo to debut her latest single ‘Arizona’ live. She played some fan favourites including ‘Bushweed’, ‘Mercy’ and another sultry new track ‘Hands’. The Glorious Sons pulled out some old favourites and despite being able to see the band’s breath as they played, Brett still came out shoe-less as per usual. After ripping through heavy hitters like ‘The Union’, ‘The Ongoing Speculation Into the Death of Rock and Roll’, ‘S.O.S’ and more, the night came to a crescendo. In their encore they honoured a fan who had requested they play ‘Ruby’, a song they don’t often showcase in their live performances. As the final notes of ‘Pink Motel’ rang out, fireworks shot off over the falls. Enjoy a few photo captures from the concert at Niagara Falls on April 8th, 2024 taken from the crowd linked in just below!

Article & Photos By Octavia Allison (