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Amid a blistering heatwave, American post-rock band This Will Destroy You brought the audience into their world at Montreal’s Fairmount Theatre. The band is currently their 10 year anniversary tour for their album Tunnel Blanket which say them play the full LP at each stop across North America. It would be an intimate atmosphere throughout the night, with the audience soaking in every minute of the band’s performance. Opening the night was Jeremy Young and Guillaume Vallée, an audiovisual set accompanied by mesmerizing abstract visuals. Following them was Christopher Tignor on the violin, who played melancholic pieces that incorporated percussion and live sound processing. The performers held the audience in a trance throughout the show and had fans holding onto every note and enthusiastically applauding This Will Destroy You’s encore. For additional information and more concert dates from This Will Destroy You – be sure to follow the band on Instagram @ThisWillDestroyYouMusic.

Article & Photos By Lucia Vinson (