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Canadian rap artist JRoberts has returned with a brand new album titled Shamrocks & Machine Guns which of course is a clever play off his Irish heritage and background. Anyone looking for some new raw and gutter hip-hop can look no further then this latest project from JRoberts. New hip-hop like this is becoming a forgotten art form in modern music it seems but it’s great to see artists like him keeping street poetry alive and staying true to the fundamentals that has always made rap unique in the world of music. In the 2020’s we are seeing mainstream hip-hop moving in a different direction in terms of musical style and lyrics but with new albums like Shamrocks & Machine Guns hitting streaming platforms, its clear this art form will never die out. Below we have included the official press release for the album which contains additional details and some of the features you can expect to hear on the track list:

JRoberts brings his best efforts in his highly anticipated collaborative album with Imperetiv “Shamrocks & Machine Guns”. JRoberts weaved through the gritty soundscape by Imperetiv with intricate lyricism and structure. This album comes equipped with a great group of guest featuring Jae Skeese, Rasheed Chappell, LBiz, Supa Kaliente, Vega7 The Ronin, Blocklord and Dystrakted with the cuts. This album also charted number 1 on Canadian Hip-Hop/Rap ITunes Charts.

This artist has already been featured on Musik Mirage a few different times over the past two years and I can honestly say every time JRoberts drops new music it just gets more polished and sharp with each release. It’s super impressive to see some of the Spotify numbers for Shamrocks & Machine Guns this early in it’s roll out as the track “Guillotine” already has over 50,000 plays. When hop-hip fans in the present talk about the top artists in the game today you will usually hear names mentioned like Westside Gunn, Benny the Butcher and the whole Griselda team. These names are the ones who are influencing the current east coast rap sound and hearing new songs like “Dear Jameson” and “Sketch A Hearse” from JRoberts that is exactly what came to mind. You don’t need to be the biggest rapper in the game to be on the cutting edge of the music scene as long as you do your home work, have a keen ear for modern beats and refrain from cutting corners on production. It’s clear JRoberts has put in the extra time and effort on this new project and has this album as proof.

Shamrocks & Machine Guns is a ten song album and is available now on all streaming platforms. Enjoy a preview of this new music via Spotify linked just below for your convenience! Be sure to follow JRoberts on Instagram for more content and new future updates @J.Robertsmusic.