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San Diego’s North Park neighbourhood is no stranger to spirited crowds, and on that Friday evening in May, a particularly energized concentration of the like oscillated around The Observatory. POND, originating from Perth, Australia, rose to international fame alongside alternative legends Tame Impala due to the conjunct creative endeavours of Pond’s lead vocalist Nick Allbrook and Tame Impala’s vocalist and former Pond drummer Kevin Parker. Pond members Joseph Ryan (Shiny Joe), Jay Watson, and James Ireland record and tour with both music groups while Allbrook insisted on channelling all his creative force toward Pond’s euphorically psychedelic sound back in 2013. Alongside keyboardist Jamie Terry, Allbrook, Shiny Joe, Watson, and Ireland, Pond released their first single “Neon River” after a two-year hiatus this past January. They followed this release with the announcement of their tenth LP, “Stung!”, set for release this summer. Fans of the idiosyncratic surrealism of Pond’s music swarm the venue, packing themselves densely along the guard rail and across both bars.The energy of the GA floor ricocheted up several decibels and continued to climb in steady increments as the members of Pond situated themselves underneath aqua blue spotlights and proceeded to perform “Daisy” and “(I’m) Stung” the most recent single off of their upcoming album. The fever of fans continued to escalate until security was divided in efforts between taming the ever erupting mosh pits, and the crowd surfers. Allbrook himself decided to take a swim in the crowd to the delight of those by the stage. He did a dead man’s float in a river of hands to “The Weather” before joining the band on stage again; eventually closing with “Medicine Hat” post encore as the Observatory vibrates with the kinetic force of the spirit inside its walls. Pond’s tour has dates from now through November of this year that your elbows and knees do not want to miss if they can take it.

Enjoy our photo gallery just below from The Observatory in San Diego on May 17th 2024 to get a dose of the experience. As always be sure to follow Pond on Instagram for more updates on the band @Ponderers.

Article & Photos By Salome Solomon (@thehomelandobscurity)