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The Canadian rock group known as DIZZY played their homecoming show in Toronto on October 26th during their most recent North American tour. Of course Toronto isn’t the group’s official hometown as they are actually from the city of Oshawa which is about 40 minutes east of Toronto but still close enough to get the local audience. The show was opened up by indie band Fan Club Wallet who had been on tour with Dizzy for most of the Canadian dates. It was a festive atmosphere in the Danforth Music Hall on this night as Dizzy has been making some noise in the alternative rock music scene over the past few years so it would be the first time the band would get to play in font of their friends and family in a headlining capacity since their rise began. Admission was close to sold out as it was clear there was very little room to move around the floor in the venue by the time Dizzy took the stage for the main act.The group’s latest self titled album was released this summer on August 18th and marks their third official studio album. Like their previous two albums this project was also recorded for the label Royal Mountain Records. The stage set was dressed with some cool surface level lighting at each sides the resembled checker boards or small, round street lights that would strobe with the music. There was one aerial light that hovered over the center of the stage that would light the lead singer Katie Munshaw up giving an angelic like appearance. The lead singer has recently done an interview where she expressed her love of marine animals such as whales so it was no surprise a lot of the stage lighting had tones of blue and purple. The performance was mixed with new and old material but of course the majority of music was from the brand new self titled album. Dizzy has just wrapped up their North American tour only a few days ago on November the 24th in Pittsburgh.Its only right that Dizzy fans are wondering what is next for the band after their big 2023 – it would be hard to follow up a year that contained a release of a brand new album and a tour that stretched across Canada and the USA. What we do know so far is that the group is set to play the famous Budweiser stage in Toronto next summer along with fellow Canadian band The Beaches who are headlining the show so get your tickets now as it is sure to sell out. For those that haven’t got a chance to see Dizzy play live yet we can offer a small taste as we have linked in a short video clip just below of the band performing their new song “Starlings” live in Toronto at the Danforth Music Hall from October 26th! Also, be sure to follow the group on Instagram for all future news and updates @Dizzyy.

Aritcle and Photos By Kyle McNeil (@trueaspectmedia)