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Canadian alternative rock band THE EFFENS has just released a brand new single titled “Someones Gonna Get You”. After only a few seconds of listening – you will quickly pickup the usual sound and vibe the fans have come to expect from an Effens tune. What is fresh and unique about this one? that would be the addition of one of the members of the rock band The OBGMs who goes by the name of Denz McFarlane. McFarlane joins forces with the band for this special occasion and added in his vocals which makes for a special blend when pairing together with Austin Nops the front man for The Effens. I would personally describe the new song as unique twist of melodic alternative rock spliced with some urban lyrics provided by the OBGMs vocalist. Its the type of track that that projects a fun and warm atmosphere when played and something you could expect in hear on the radio or at a social lounge. Effens founder and lead singer Austin Nops made a brief public statement regarding the idea and theme behind the song’s creation:

“I wanted to take some of the more personally troubling thoughts I have about the future & human communication, and put them to one of the catchiest and most joyous pieces of music I’ve been able to write.”

Make sure you give the song a spin and have a listen but be warned the catchy chorus might give you an ear bug for the rest of the day. The official visualizer for “Someones Gonna Get You” is available now via the Lootbag Records YouTube channel but we have linked it in at the bottom of the article for your convenience. For all the The Effens fans out there wondering what is next for the group you can catch them playing live in Toronto at the Monarch Tavern this Friday on December the 1st! Also be sure to follow the band on Instagram for more news and future updates @theeffens.