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A voice of an announcer rings over the PA system calling the fight of “K.Flay vs K.F.lay” as she enters the ring (the stage) for the ‘Mono Live in Stereo Tour‘ in support of her new album titled ‘MONO’. Showing off her boxing skills equip with boxing gloves, an official fighter robe and custom shorts with her name printed on the waste band all as her song “Are You Serious?” begins to play over the sound system at the Velvet Underground. The singer also cleverly wore a butterfly style bandage across the bridge of her nose to complete the look. K.Flay delivers a beautiful marriage of the alternative, rock and hip-hop genres which then creates high energy performances that fans are dancing around and headbanging to. The theatrics of coming out as a boxer to show the fight within oneself not only shows strength in creativity but it also adds relatability with the listener – we all have an internal 1 v 1 fight with ourselves at one time or another.Toronto based artist Cam Kahin opened the show with his band, performing songs that are grungy, gritty, fast, loud and all around fun and not to mention exciting. Kahin will be supporting K.Flay for the rest of the tour, he is considered a star on the rise and is not one to miss! K.Flay peppered in songs spanning her extensive career which had fans singing and dancing along to. The remaining dates of the Mono Live in Stereo tour are sold-out, a big congrats to K.Flay on all her success! You can catch K.Flay at Treefort Music Fest on March 22nd in Boise, Idaho and at Denim on the Diamond Festival on August 30th in Kelowna, British Columbia so be sure to get out when she comes to your area.

To keep up with K.Flay on social media, you can follow her on Instagram @kflay to see where she may perform next. Please enjoy the photo gallery just below from the sold-out K.Flay show at The Velvet Underground from March 12th .

Article & Photos By San Veliz (@spacemanmediaproductions)