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Jordan Ward’sWestward Tour’ arrived at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California last Wednesday evening. On the GA floor, fans shifted their feet, shoulders, and friends to continually make room for the relentless incoming foot traffic of ticket holders. At this time, the only thing on stage was a sound system, and a burning incense stick. A St. Louis native, Jordan Ward first began his odyssey to the recording studio as a dancer. Gifted with outstanding stage presence that fans quickly took notice of, Ward first amassed his initial following while performing for the likes of Beyonce, Janet Jackson, and Justin Bieber. In 2017, Ward released his first R&B/Rap EP ‘A Peak At The Summit’ containing fan favourites “Okok” and “Moveon”. ‘Valley of Hopefuls’, Ward’s first full length LP arrived on streaming platforms in 2019. His sophomore album ‘Forward’ was released in 2023, where poignant yet bright tracks such as “Sidekick”, and “White Crocs”, quickly amassed millions of streams. Acclaim from artists like Becky G, and Tyler The Creator solidified the brightness of Ward’s spotlight. During the night’s performance, Ward demonstrated that his dancing chops still prevail when he joined the incense stick on stage in a flurry of movement. His infectious energy was harmonious with the intimate setting of The Observatory. Earnest fans, elbows resting on the edge of the stage, accepted every high five that he reached out for, often exchanging them with white crocs for him to autograph and return. After feigning a final stage exit and swiftly returning to perform fan favourite “FAMJAM4000”, Ward invited the crowd to meet with him at the merchandise table. The line for merchandise lengthened quickly and snaked throughout the venue for hours. Jordan Ward’s Westward Tour maintained a welcoming haven of personal connection – an environment that is becoming more and more of a rarity these days. The Westward Tour is scheduled to continue through August where the singer will continue to take the music scene in graceful leaps and bounds.

Just below we have linked in the photo gallery from The Observatory in Santa Ana, California on March 13th, 2024 so check out the photos! Also, for future updates and more photos on Jordan Ward be sure to follow him on Instagram @JordanWard.

Article & Photos By Salome Solomon