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“N-O-B-R-O!”  The band chants as the crowd screams it back in return. The Montreal quartet have come into 2024 guns a blazing with their first ever headlining tour ‘Party Through the Pain’. The tour celebrates their most recent album release titled ‘Set Your Pussy Free’ which came out last October. If you’re in the market for a good old-fashioned punk show full of stage dives and catchy songs to scream and dance along to, then keep NOBRO on your radar because these girls kick ass. Some songs to recommend are ‘Delete Delete Delete’, ‘Don’t Die’ and ‘Better Each Day’. Lead singer Kathryn McCaughey mentioned the Toronto vs Montreal never-ending feud while the band was tuning their instruments in-between songs. At the end of the day it was all love and peace – well as peaceful as a punk show can be while you’re sticking up your middle finger up in the air. Some friendly competition between music scenes is never bad and usually helps to keep things interesting. Toronto based artist ASHLEE SCHATZE opened the show with catchy songs about having crushes on girls and an unfortunate song about her ex. Her and her band covered Blink-182’s ‘All the Small things’ which was said to be “for those who couldn’t get tickets to see Blink-182 in the summer”. Did you know that NOBRO opened for Blink-182 during their second night in Toronto last May at Scotiabank Arena?A major opening spot like this should be an indication of the direction this group is heading in. If you missed your chance to see NOBRO, they will be preforming in Guelph on February 3rd! Tickets are available here for Hillside Inside. Please enjoy the photo gallery just below from their show at The Garrison in Toronto on January 27th, 2024. Also, make sure to follow NOBRO on Instagram and X to see what they’re up to next @nobromusic and don’t forget to support Canadian artists!

Article & Photos By San Veliz