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Back in November of 2022, Canadian nu metal/hard rock band THREE DAYS GRACE would play one of their biggest shows of the year at the History concert venue in Toronto. The event would be considered a home coming of sorts for the group as they call the town of Peterborough, Ontario as their home which is about one and a half hours north east of Toronto. The concert took place on November 27th, 2022 and would feature an opening performance by the Mexican, three piece band know as THE WARNING who were touring with Three Days Grace during this time period. Many rock & roll fans in Canada might not have heard of The Warning as of yet however this all female trio has garnered major attention internationally especially in Latin American countries. With this major progression The Warning is making in the music business, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these three become ‘the first ladies of rock & roll’ in the near future. In May of 2022  Three Days Grace would release there most recent album to date titled “Explosions” on RCA. The new album would be received well getting many great reviews across the world an would also receive a Juno award nomination for Rock album of the year in 2023. ‘Explosions’ would spark a world wide tour with concert dates scheduled in Canada, USA and Europe for 2022 but additional tour dates would continue on in 2023. The show in Toronto on November of 2022 was highly anticipated and is still their most recent performance in the city as of today as they didn’t return in 202. Its needless to say the fans are looking forward to the band’s return in 2024 if it happens. The group’s set list on this night was laced with most of their smash hits like “Pain” and “Just Like You” but also mixed in a lot of the new songs off the new project ‘Explosions’.  The band also did a special unplugged acoustic set of “The High Road” and “World So Cold” which the crowd loved. In more recent Three Days Grace news – during a few shows in the fall of 2023 the group would reunite with their original lead singer Adam Gontier for a special collaborative performance. Adam Gontier was the original lead singer of the band but left back in 2013 and started a new group called Saint Asonia with Mike Mushok formally of the band Staind. The details of the split between the two parties was never well explained and the remaining members of Three Days Grace described it as confusing and sudden while Adam Gontier simply cited creative differences as the cause. It’s clear now that there was no long lasting animosity with guys in the band with the original members joining up once again to play only a few months ago. The fans are waiting to hear what will be coming in 2024. Perhaps we could speculate and say that the recent performances with Adam Gontier might indicate more shows with the founding member of Three Days Grace or maybe new recordings. The Warning has just released a brand new single and music video for their song titled “S!CK” just yesterday (February 1st) . This band is riding high and saw some major live opening appearances last year the likes of Guns N Roses and Muse. Not to mention the group’s ‘The Error Tour 2023’ which saw the band play concert dates world wide. Over the past few years these three sisters from Mexico have rocketed to popularity internationally and receive millions of streams and YouTube views regularly. For the fans wanting to know what is next for The Warning? what we know so far is the band has a European tour scheduled for the spring and also a festival appearance at Shiprocked in February so check your local listings for live dates near you. Musik Mirage is happy to present the below photo gallery of the recently unearthed photos from just over one year ago in Toronto on November 27th, 2022.

Article & Photos By Kyle McNeil(@trueaspectmedia)