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On Saturday, April 27th, the metal scene in Toronto, Ontario was electrified by the fierce energy of LIZRA at Bickford Park, treating their fans to a blazing free show that ignited the crowd with unstoppable energy. As the band unleashed their high-octane set, the mosh pit erupted into a frenzy of energy. Lizra’s sound has been referred to as a fusion of noodle metal and scrapbook garbage metal that resonates with a diverse blend of age groups – from high school students to older metal and punk enthusiasts. The show was a reminder that there’s a vibrant culture thriving on raw energy and unapologetic authenticity in the Toronto metal scene.

For your viewing pleasure please enjoy the photo gallery showcasing the night’s performance by Lizra from Bickford Park in Toronto, Ontario linked in just below. Also, be sure to follow Lizra on Instagram for future updates on shows and more new songs @Lizra.

Article & Photos By Rachel Bass (@rachelbass_photography)