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With her very successful and much anticipated Capable of Love Tour coming to an end at the famous Hollywood Palladium, PinkPanthress easily delivered one of the best concerts of 2024 so far. With support from Washington DC based rapper Kanii, the closing show for this tour was filled with the best memories and an overall legendary performance. Starting the show off, Kanii entered the stage with an immense presence and a hype man that helped get the venue jumping as soon as the first song came on. Kanii’s moody red lights being waved throughout the stage and commanding voice had everyone in the venue jumping and dancing as he delivered some of the most poetic lyrics of the year. The entire venue roared and cheered as Kanii continued to deliver a beautifully executed act. With songs like “u and i”, “Heart Racing”, and “pretty photos” the rapper was an absolute king on the stage and gave me a deep appreciation for his work. Although I’ve never heard of him previously, on the drive home I loaded up some of his tunes which increased my appreciation of this artist. As Kanii wrapped his set, I felt immediate excitement as the stage was getting set up for PinkPantheress. I’ve been a fan of Pink since 2021 when she released “to hell with it” and just as many fans, critics, and overall listeners predicted, she would go on to be an artist that would define the decade. After having seen her at Camp Flog Gnaw – I was thrilled to know that she had an upcoming album since she debuted new music at the festival for the album now known as ‘Heaven Knows’. Pink came in with this glamorous aura reminiscent of the early 2000’s but with her own added charm and without hesitation immediately greeted her sold out audience. She would start off the show with the track “Break it off” and the crowd erupted and screamed the lyrics with her. Pink would follow it up with my personal favourite “I must apologize” and as I was able to happily sing each lyric along with her while taking pictures in the photo pit. Pink did an amazing job at interacting with her fans in attendance as she would greet the crowd and compliment them in between songs which made the concert feel much more up close and personal.  PinkPantheress would shock everyone at the The Hollywood Palladium as she brought out rapper Flo Milli and did a solo performance of “Never Lose Me” which had the venue roaring. This would not be the only surprise she had in store on this night as she also brought out Steve Lacy for a performance of his 2017 song “Dark Red” and Rema to accompany her on her verses for “Another Life”. As the show reached its final act, the singer would perform her now iconic song “Boy is A Liar Pt. 2” which led to everyone in the audience singing along to a song that defined 2023. Pink would surprise the audience at the very end with a hilarious prank where she took an audience member’s wig and danced around with it as she closed off her set with “Nice to meet you”, it was apparent that this was not done out of malice as the fan was laughing along with Pink as she closed off her set. Overall, PinkPantheress gave one of the most memorable shows that I’ve had the pleasure to cover and as someone who has followed her music since her early days I’m happy to see how far she’s gone.

This musician who is originally from across the pond in England has certainly made her mark in North America with her art so its needless to say it is an honor for Musik Mirage to document a portion of her journey in 2024. For the fans that didn’t get a chance to see PinkPantheress live in concert, we have linked the full photo gallery just below from May 1st 2024 at The Hollywood Palladium. For more updates on PinkPantheress, you can follow her on Instagram @Pinkpantheress.

Article & Photos By Hector Mendoza (@mendoza_photos)