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Vancouver pop-rock band Marianas Trench have been in the music game for almost twenty years. Their catchy lyrics, rhythms and lead singer, Josh Ramsay’s unique vocals, mixed with the strong harmonies of fellow members, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley and Ian Casselman helped the band stand out from other bands. Their second studio album Masterpiece Theatre helped make Marianas Trench a household name. This is the first in their discography to incorporate composed orchestral pieces into their music. It was a huge leap from their grittier and emo sound from their debut album Fix Me from 2006. Masterpiece Theatre is also their first concept album, something that has now become synonymous with Marianas Trench. The album opens with sounds that are reminiscent to being at the theatre. The instruments are tuning up and it merges into playing the first note, then the curtain opens.  Through the 45-minute album, it shares a story of a young artist falling in love, and the emotions that come with making hard sacrifices when chasing your dreams to make it big. Masterpiece Theatre I, II and III serve as the beginning, middle and end, as the main character is pouring their heart out to the audience. All to Myself, Cross My Heart, Beside You, Good to You and Perfect are songs about the journey of falling in love to making sure everything works out with them in the end. Where songs like Sing Sing and Celebrity Status are in reference to how the taste of the newfound fame is treating the main character. The album closer, Masterpiece Theatre III has endless call backs and reprises to previous lyrics and melodies from the album. Which is a trend they continued to do in their future albums. This song is the final cry from the main character to the audience and to their love interest, saying: I don’t know how we ended up here, but this is who I am now through the lyric “(and this is just a part I portray) I don’t know how it got this way”. The final crescendo rings through, the curtain closes, and the show is over. Masterpiece Theatre is an underrated album but those who know it will sing its praises endlessly. It’s a perfect mix of pop-punk songs to dance around to and emotionally charged ballads that will tug at your heart strings. Since 2009, Masterpiece Theatre has become x2 certified platinum in Canada. In 2010, a Director’s Cut edition was released with four bonus tracks, along with a behind the scenes DVD and a set of collector’s cards of the band members.

What’s next?

Marianas Trench have been working hard in the studio for their 6th album and are possibly gearing up to release their first single very soon. Be sure to follow their socials to keep updated on everything and follow them on Instagram @mtrenchofficial. Until the new music is released you can enjoy the music video for ‘All To Myself’ which was one of the lead singles off the 2009 album linked in just below.

Article & Some Photos By San Veliz