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Boldy James enters the stage at San Diego’s House of Blues to the thunder of a packed-out venue that has anticipated his arrival since doors open. This party has been going on for hours and Boldy James dives right into the array that awaits him. Wearing Off White leatherware from head to toe, Boldy James entrances the crowd to party harder and louder with tracks from albums “My 1st Chemistry Set”, “The Price of Tea in China”, and other favourites from his impressive 9 album discography. From Detroit, Michigan, James Clay Jones III cut his losses with the local education system when he was in the ninth grade, finding life enhancing success through independent lyricism instead. He released his first mix-tape “Trapper’s Alley: Pros and Cons (the Quikcrete Ready Mixtape)” in 2011 to positive acclaim from music critics. The emcees remind the crowd that the evening is far from over. After hosting freestyle rap battles between attendees, and emceeing the opening acts, fans raise arms over the barriers in anticipation of the evening’s headliner, Benny The Butcher. Jeremie Pennick, from Buffalo, New York, appointed himself Benny The Butcher in 2014 as his mix-tapes under Griselda Records (a collaborative collective that includes Westside Gun and Conway The Machine) rose in notoriety across the nation. He signed with Def Jam Records in 2021, releasing his LP “Everybody Can’t Go” that included features from Lil Wayne, and Snoop Dogg, as well as some other artists that he had previously collaborated with on other Griselda related projects. Benny’s discography began long prior to his Def Jam deal and includes 27 albums, mixtapes, and EP’s, a 2022 BET nomination for Best New Artist, a 2023 Grammy nomination for album “Good Morning Gorgeous”, and an Emmy Award alongside Dion Dawkins for his televised work with the Buffalo Bills. Of his 27 album discography, singles from other favourites “Tana Talk 3”, “Burden of Proof” and “Tana Talk 4”, alongside “Everybody Can’t Go” had the walls shaking as fans scream lyric after lyric along with Benny. In present day, there are not many hip-hop artists left still rocking the stage like this.
The “Everybody Can’t Go Tour” is a roof shaking party that has accomplished an impressive amount of mileage across the United States from April through May. Proof that a Benny the Butcher headlining show is simply not an experience to be missed if you can help it. For the fans that haven’t gotten a chance to see the rapper live just yet, you can enjoy the photo gallery just below from the Benny the Butcher and Boldy James show from The House of Blues in San Diego on May 11th, 2024. And of course you can follow the rapper on Instagram for more photos and future updates @GetBenny.

Article & Photos By Salome Solomon (@thehomelandobscurity)