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Singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov played a sold-out show at Oakland’s The Fox Theatre in Oakland, CA on Saturday, March 9th. Born in Johannesburg and raised in Philadelphia, Isakov began his music career at the age of 16. The Grammy-nominated artist’s set would include hit songs such as ‘Southern Star’ and ‘Big Black Car’, the latter of which he prefaced with “if you know any of the words to this song…god help us”. Isakov was joined on stage by his five-piece band, playing various instruments such as drums, the cello, and the violin. He was genuinely appreciative of his fans support especially the ones in attendance, stating “How annoying it is to leave the house and be around a bunch of strangers, park, and pay for stuff, and find people to care of old people or little people or turtles. Whatevers going on in your life, thank you for being here”. In addition to the music that was performed this night,  it would be the quick and witty banter between songs that made the evening so entertaining and memorable.
Partway through the stellar set, Isakov welcomed a friend on stage which was fellow artist Bonnie Paine (from band Elephant Revival) to perform the track “If I Go, I’m Goin”. To add more context, Paine has reportedly sang backup on all of Isakov’s records. To round out the night, Isakov and his band, including Paine, circled up at the front of the stage to perform an engaging encore. Each musician would be allowed their time in the spotlight while they performed. At this time, photographers were allowed back in the media pit to capture these final moments of the show. Up next you can catch Gregory Alan Isakov and his band on tour across the country until early September which includes two sold-out shows at Morrison, CO’s famed Red Rocks and performances at festivals like Bonnaroo in Tennessee and The Green River Festival in MA. Enjoy the below photo gallery from March 9th at The Fox in Oakland, California with Gregory Alan Isakov. Also, for additional photos and future updates on Gregory Alan Isakov be sure to follow him on Instagram @GregoryAlanIsakov.

Photos & Article By Lauren Fuchs