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Texas trio Waterparks have embarked on their ‘Sneaking Out of Heaven tour’ as a second leg for their fifth album “Intellectual Property” (which was released on April 14th last year). The roar of the sold-out Toronto crowd filled HISTORY as the band played their “greatest hits” Monday night; which would include songs like “I Miss Having Sex But at Least I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore” which just reached over 100,000,000 streams on Spotify last week. This amazing accomplishment on Spotify was their first single to do so but hopefully not the last. The band has really outdone themselves with this tour in my opinion – as someone who has been following the band for a few years now and seeing all their hard work that they have put into these concerts is admirable to say the least. No spoilers for those who will be seeing them later during the tour, but the stage design is very unique and something to keep your eyes on. There is something for those at the barricade and for those who are hanging around in the back. A very well rounded audio and visual experience over all.
The night’s entertainment was kicked off by Toronto born artist Sophie Powers and Los Angeles based band Loveless. Both artists have seen a rise in their popularity in recent times mostly through TikTok and there is no sign of either one of them slowing down anytime soon. I can surely say you’re guaranteed to have fun at a Waterparks concert, whether you’re on the sidelines or in the thick of the mosh pit. Lead singer Awsten Knight went on to say this was the most crowd surfers he’s seen on tour so far. Not only will the band have you dancing around but they will also make you laugh. Awsten’s crowd interactions are something that are talked about for days online, whether he’s asking if Canadians are nice or chanting “crowd surfer in the dark!” in between songs. Fellow band mates Geoff Wigington and drummer Otto Wood laugh along with the audience or are ad-libbing on their respective instruments.

Enjoy the photo gallery just below from March 11th, 2024 to see images from all three bands performing at History in Toronto. Also, for more updates and to see if Waterparks is coming to your area be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @Waterparks.

Article & Photos By San Veliz