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On Saturday April 27th, The Hardcore Hysteria tour kicked off with a bang in Toronto at The Printing House with The Donks & Bonks Rave. Seven dynamic artists including Marcus Visionary, DJ Pacifier, Crushenhaus, Tyriqueordie, AngelPhroot, Ms Gothicfish, and 666Pastel took the stage from 9 pm to 2 am delivering a vibrant blend of hardcore and rave beats that enthralled the crowd adorned in vibrant and layered attire. The music’s infusion of punk and old school hip-hop elements set the perfect tone for an evening of energetic dancing which showcased the electric atmosphere that defines Toronto’s hardcore community and its love for immersive musical experiences. The The Hardcore Hysteria tour is scheduled to continue on across some select areas of Canada with stops in Guelph and Montreal.

Please enjoy the photo gallery linked in just below showcasing the night’s various performances organized by Toronto Hardcore from The Printing House in Toronto, Ontario.  Also, be sure to follow Toronto Hardcore on Instagram for more photos and future updates on the tour @TorontoHardcore.

Article & Photos By Rachel Bass (@rachelbass_photography)