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Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne has recently finished up his first Canadian tour post-pandemic titled “Live In Canada Tour 2022” which featured fellow Strange Music artist King Iso. Musik Mirage was on the scene for the Toronto concert event that happened earlier this month and took place at the Danforth Music Hall on Sunday, October the 2nd. The show also featured the last minute addition of Canadian rapper Robbie G who opened the show for both of the main event acts. The tour started on the west coast of the country in Coquitlam, BC and finished up in the east in Quebec City on October the 9th. The “Live In Canada Tour 2022” would feature a total of 17 concerts in seven different provinces.Tech N9ne, who is the founder and owner of Strange Music which is a very successful American music label who has signed a lot of artists such as King Iso, Mayday, Rittz and Krizz Kaliko to name a few. The hip-hop label has done Canadian tours many times over the past 20 years and usually works with the International Tour Agency as the promotional company to host the events. Tech N9ne and his faction of rap artist have been one of the most success independent hip-hop acts in recent memory. The emcee has garnered a cult like following with out any significant radio air play much like the Detroit “juggalo” rap group The Insane Clown Posse who have also collaborated musically on many occasions.Canadian rapper Robbie G was the first rapper to hit the stage at the Danforth Music Hall on this night followed by a very power performance by Omaha city native King Iso. The city of Omaha, Nebraska isn’t famous for many musical acts but King Iso has come to put this city on the map. His recent signing to Strange Music should help do the trick. It was very impressive to see how easily King Iso won over the crowd from the start of his performance to the finish. The mid-west emcee stopped many times between songs to talk to the crowd and I noticed the exact moment he started to connect with the audience when he started talking about issues of mental health and depression. At the time of his last song, King Iso had everyone in the building chanting his name with a fist pumping in the air acknowledging his performance. Relating with a crowd is a great strategy as an artist if done properly and I would say King Iso pulled it off flawlessly. Tech N9ne has had a multi-decade career and as mentioned earlier it was all done as an independent artist before the days of social media. Pure hustle and grind got this artist where he wanted to go with little to no mainstream attention. It was because of all this work Tech N9ne would become the rap king of Kansas City. He brings the type of energy that can hype up an entire NFL sized stadium which he has done on at least one occasion being an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan. Tech N9ne is a special breed of artist that has a dedicated fan base which is sure to show up for the rapper when visits towns and cities across the continent to hear his catalogue of old and new songs alike. Many legendary tracks like “Einstein” and “Bout Ta Bubble” which are always regular crowd favourites.

Be sure to check out Tech N9ne on Instagram @therealtechn9ne for future updates and check out the photo gallery below to see more photos from the concert in Toronto on October 2nd at the Danforth Music Hall.

Article and Photos By Kyle McNeil(@trueaspectmedia)