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Canadian rapper Dave Mac recently collaborated with a Sauna company called MoonLight Saunas who specialize in building large size outdoor saunas. The new music video was produced by Musik Mirage founder Kyle McNeil and also co-stars Dave’s good friend Kirk Farthing who serves as the comic relief. Kirk plays the old man that shouts at Dave at the very beginning of the video for reference. The rapper, that lives about a hour north of Toronto already has a private gym in his lake side backyard but recently struck a deal with MoonLight Saunas to build a new sauna on his property. They agreed on a cross promotional music video that would be filmed in the new sauna. The end product turned out to be a hilarious, very catchy rap song and video that has had a lot of of positive feed back from those that have watched it which includes the owners of the sauna company.

The full music video release took place last week on February the 3rd on Dave Mac’s YouTube channel. We have also included the link just below for your convenience. The Canadian hip-hop artist does more then just rap as he also runs a service that helps other artists promote their new music and obtain additional followers on social media through his various means and contacts. Dave Mac also recently did a short five question interview with Canadian Beats so head over the interviews section of that website to read the full article. For contact information and future news on Dave Mac be sure to follow him on Instagram @davethemac.